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What's a Home Inspection?
California Certified conducts our real estate inspections through (NACHI) National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards of Practice (SOP). NACHI is considered one of the most established and credible of all home inspection associations in the country. NACHI has some of the most stringent requirements to become a member and to stay a member, continued education is a requirement. NACHI Standards of Practice is comparable to all other organizations, the fact is that they are all ‘very similar’

What’s a Real Estate Home inspection?
An unbiased third party which investigates and inspects the overall condition of the subject property, the inspectors job is to inspect the homes foundation, structure, roof, major components and mechanics on average in about three hours time, there specific limitations and guidelines to what an inspector is to do so it is good for all prospective new buyers to read the (SOP) prior to any home inspection. The main objective of the home inspector is to disclose any substantial building defect that would greatly affect the price of the home after a sale.

What if there are numerous call-outs?
All potential buyers should understand that all homes and buildings have defects and yes even brand spanking new homes, unless the call-out is of substantial significance that could lead to a significant change in the home’s selling price most all of the time smaller defects are classified as minor normal wear and tear issues that exist in all homes new and old. Buyers should always expect more than a couple of call-outs on the inspection report.

What’s normal wear and tear?
There are many factors in a home sale that classifies “normal wear and tear” the type of sale affects many issues example; with short sales and foreclosures’ most always the seller or lender will not conduct any repairs and will only get the property "legally" passed by doing any mandatory regulation type fixes such as Earthquake valves, strapping water heaters things of this nature.

Government backed FHA loans also differ in the conditions that buyers obtain properties however with a “regular” conventional loan most always the seller will attempt to have the home in a nicely fixed ready to move in condition. Normal wear and tear would be minimal hairline cracks in stucco, a roof or HVAC system that’s good for at least five more years or so, things of this nature. The main concern buying a home are foundation issues, structure issues, roof issues that are a clear and present defects that’s going to take a substantial amount of money to fix after you take possession.

Who is responsible for corrections?
The answer is very similar to the wear and tear question responsibility applies with what type of loan is being taken out and the amount of the purchase, this is where a quality real estate agent steps in to assist you they will be able to tell you before hand the benefits, conditions and risks that come with different types of loans and different types of sellers, depending on the loan situation your agent may be able to negotiate a fair reduction in homes price or have the seller make repairs, it’s also up to a good inspector to first discuss the findings with the buyer and agent, then with that information the agent may be able to work a little magic for you.

Summary: buying a home is a stressful ordeal, your agent is there to assist you in a transaction to make it as smooth and pleasant as possible, the home inspector is there to make sure disclosures are met in a transaction that’s going to possibly affect the rest of your life however, your agent may have limitations so be reasonable and please understand that nothing is perfect there will be reportable items on every inspection, review call-outs, review the type of loan, review the market value and the price you are paying, don't kill a sale over normal stuff and remember that all home owners invest time and money into repairs, improvements and cosmetics as soon as they buy so be prepared ladies and gentleman, this is called home ownership. Thank you.

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